February 23, 2023

5 ways to create or retool environments to support well-being

By Sherrie Frank

  • Develop new habits: We can spark new habits by simply removing objects from our environment that inhibit or harm our well-being, like taking tech out of our bedroom to help us sleep better at night. On the flipside, we can add something to support behaviors. I just brought a tiny garbage can into my car to help me keep it clean, the way I like it.  
  • Evoke feelings that support your well-being: We can spark emotional well-being by placing objects in our environment to evoke feelings like joy, peace, and confidence. Inside one of my kitchen cupboards I’ve hung little notes written by tiny hands. These “to-do” lists were made by my grandies long ago. They are full of misspelled words and backward letters and bring thoughts of chubby cheeks and feelings of profound joy. My heart is happy dancing right now, as I think of them. 
  • Keep the commitments you’ve made to yourself: We can spark determination by adding objects to our environments that remind us “why” we want to keep our commitment. It could be a visual representation of a place we long to visit hung above our coffeemaker, to remind us that putting in the effort to make our morning coffee at home adds $5 to our travel kitty.  
  • Surround yourself with intention: We can spark alignment with our core values and intentions by building within our environments structures that point us toward those behaviors we want to do and ways we want to be. I have a basket in my living room filled with the tools I use to start and end my day. In it are tools for reflection and connecting with others: my journal, colored markers, notecards, and stamps. I consider Robert Fritz’s words, the underlying structure of anything will determine its behavior.” Having these tools ready helps me keep my attention on my intention.  
  • Surround yourself with allies: We can spark a sense of safety and belonging by populating our environments with objects that hold the energy of allies and safe havens. These objects welcome us in, remind us we belong and support us on days we feel challenged. Like my blanket, an ally infused with the magic of being able to hold all my tears or a wood carving from Bali that reminds me I have and can continue to do hard things. 

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