Grief Support and Education

WinterSpring program offers sharing, learning, and healing

Every morning someone wakes up in the Rogue Valley with an ache inside because a loved one has died. Sometimes people run from that ache. Sometimes they meet it heart first. People overwhelmed by loss often don’t believe healing is possible. But they don’t have to wait until the pain gets unbearable to call WinterSpring.

WinterSpring creates a safe and confidential environment for sharing, learning, and healing through grief. Through shared stories, connection to other grievers, and tools for healthy grieving, we can all find healing for our losses.

Our team offers compassionate phone support, assessment, group grief support, individual peer support, resources, and referrals. WinterSpring also offers grief education for organizations and individuals interested in creating understanding about and support for grief.

WinterSpring began in 1989 as a response to meet the unmet needs of those experiencing grief and not receiving support in Jackson County. It was started by four nurses who wanted to provide more for their patients. The aim was to provide a safe environment for children, teens, and adults to fully mourn their loss with compassionate and trained volunteers to guide and support them.

Today, as part of The Learning Well, the program provides:

Support Groups
Bereavement support groups typically run 6 to 8 weeks and guide participants through the shadowlands of grief to uncover their own inner resources and resilience. Support groups are designed to provide information about the natural trajectory of grief, as well as emotions that can seem chaotic and unrelenting. Facilitators provide tools to develop self-understanding in a sacred space for sharing, healing, and transformation to occur. Participants can return as often as they need.

A general group, a sudden death group, a bereaved parents group, and a spouse and partner loss group run regularly. We also sometimes offer a holiday grief support group, a fire loss support group, a men and grief support group, and a pet loss support group. Call 541-552-0620 or email to learn more.

Grief Companions
WinterSpring has trained volunteers who can act as one-on-one peer companions until the right group is available. To request a grief companion, call 541-552-0620 or email to learn more.

Youth Programs
WinterSpring offers facilitated peer support groups for children and teens in local schools. If you are an educator, school counselor, or school administrator and are interested in a WinterSpring group at your school, call 541-552-0620 or email to learn more. If you are the parent or caregiver of a grieving child, please reach out and let us know what support you need.

Grief Education
WinterSpring offers:

  • Trainings for educators and administrators to better support grieving children in the classrooms
  • Trainings for individuals interested in learning how to better support those who are grieving in their community
  • Education for supporting grief and loss in the workplace
  • Supportive education for clubs, teams, and other organizations that have felt the impact of loss and want to learn how to support each other

Facilitator training
See details on our Volunteer With Us page.

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