We want you to be able to attend the workshops and classes you are interested in regardless of your financial situation. We offer a variety of options to support you.

Income-based sliding scale
La Clinica offers an income-based sliding scale for most classes and workshops. To use these discounts, we will ask you about your income. Then we’ll compare that to federal poverty level guidelines and determine your discount. People with incomes of up to $34,840 for a household of two or $53,000 for a household of four are eligible for discounts. People at the lowest income levels can attend our full-day workshops for as low as $35 per day. To apply for the sliding scale discount, call 541-494-4796 or email

Payment plans
Our payment plans can spread the cost of a workshop over months. We’ll work with you to set an amount that fits your monthly budget and a timeline for paying. For details, call 541-494-4796 or email

Generous donors enable us to give scholarships based on financial need for some workshops. The deadline to apply for spring awards is March 31. The deadline to apply for fall awards is Sept. 30. We notify those who apply within two weeks of the deadline. Apply using this form.

Punch cards
For our movement classes, we offer 10-class punch cards that cut the cost of a class in half. These classes generally cost $2 to $10 per class depending on income. Buying a punch card for 10 classes cuts the cost of each class to $1 to $5. Please email for information.

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