COVID-19 Safety and You

Safety guidelines for all our courses

 Our goal is the safety of all participants, volunteers, presenters, and facilitators. While we cannot eliminate the risks of COVID-19, we follow these best practices to reduce risk.

For participants

  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms before the start of your class, group, or workshop, please let us know. You can reschedule at no cost.
  • We strongly advise but do not require COVID-19 vaccination for class and workshop participants. Vaccination appointments are available through La Clinica by calling 541-618-1300. People without a La Clinica healthcare provider should let our staff know they are seeking a vaccination appointment in advance of attending a class, group, or workshop meeting.
  • We screen all participants for COVID-19 symptoms before they enter the class or workshop setting.
  • For multi-day workshops, you must take a same-day COVID test, provided at no charge, on the first day of the workshop. We will ask you to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the session, enter the building with a mask on, receive the COVID test, be escorted to a room to take the test while maintaining distance from others, and wait for test results. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will not be able to join the workshop. You may reschedule at no cost for a future workshop.
  • For classes, groups, and workshops at La Clinica health centers, masks are required at all times as Oregon requires masks inside healthcare facilities.
  • For classes, groups, and workshops at La Clinica’s Center for Learning and Innovation and in other locations outside of healthcare facilities, COVID testing is required and available at no cost at the beginning of the session and masks are optional. Workshop facilitators may ask participants to wear masks during parts of a workshop session.
  • In all settings, we provide surgical masks for class, group, and workshop participants at no charge.
  • If you complete a class or workshop and test positive for COVID-19 within four days, you agree to notify the session’s facilitator, who will work with La Clinica’s employee health nurse to communicate with other participants and Jackson County’s public health department, if needed. As much as it is possible, La Clinica will not name the person with the positive test result.

For volunteers, presenters, and facilitators

  • Volunteers, presenters, and facilitators follow the same COVID-19 guidelines as group participants, except that they must show proof they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

La Clinica provides surgical masks, hand sanitizer, tissues, and sanitizing wipes in all group spaces.

Do you have questions about these guidelines? Please contact La Clinica CEO Brenda Johnson at

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