Our Facilitators


Justin Adams

Family Physician Justin Adams favors a wellness approach to supporting the health and well-being of his patients. He is a part of the care team at La Clinica Wellness Center. Dr. Adams grew up in Ashland, where he now lives with his family.

Joan Beltran-Franey

Joan Beltran-franey

Joan Beltran-Franey owns Guided Leadership Insights, a leadership coaching business. Before starting her coaching business, she spent three decades in the healthcare industry. Joan was a senior leader in hospital operations, regional imaging, sales, and marketing. Over her career, Joan led transformational culture change and developed programs in organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Alliance Imaging, and American Shared Hospital Services. Joan is a faculty member of the Neuro Leadership Institute of Brain Based Coaching, is an Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching-certified coach, and has her Master Practitioner certification in neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP. Joan and her wife live in Northern California and are tennis and biking enthusiasts.


Keith Casebolt

Keith Casebolt is chief executive officer at Medford’s Medical Eye Center, a multi-specialty ophthalmology and optometry practice with 165 staff members. Over the last 25 years in that role, he’s been deeply involved in transforming the culture through accountable openness, leading to certification as a licensed Human Element practitioner in 2014. He is also certified as a master practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming. Keith and his wife Patty consult in healthcare operations and facilitation in trust and team building and train new managers and supervisors. He speaks regularly at conferences and publishes articles on these topics. He loves traveling, photography, reading, hiking, camping, learning to cook healthy foods, and floating the Rogue River.


Sherrie Frank

Sherrie is a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, a communication approach, and has more than 1,500 hours of facilitation training. She has been a workshop facilitator since 2008. A native Oregonian, Sherrie lives in Corvallis with her husband, Michael Frank. She has three grown children and four beautiful and brilliant grandchildren. She loves travel, reading, cooking, learning anything new, and being fully engaged.



Brenda Johnson

La Clinica's CEO is a dynamic and heart-focused leader who started her career as a public health nurse and created a distinct leadership style as she grew in her role. She is an expert in relationship-based leadership and accountable communication. Brenda began her career with La Clinica in 2000. She holds a master’s degree in business administration from Purdue University, a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Oregon Health Sciences University, and a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Southern Oregon University. She is a Portland, Oregon native who has lived in Medford since 1985. In her leisure time she enjoys singing, reading, and spending time with her family.


Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson is a co-facilitator of Listening Heart couples workshop alongside his wife, Brenda. He is also leadership intern coordinator for The Learning Well and has been active in related workshops since 2011. Now a commercial photographer, Steve worked for more than 20 years as an award-winning photojournalist and newspaper photo editor. He is a certified cooking skill educator and teaches cooking to vulnerable people in Jackson and Josephine counties. A native of southern Oregon, he is the father of five and loves international travel, hiking, cooking, reading, and cruising the trails and back roads of the Rogue Valley by bicycle.


Bryon Lambert

Bryon Lambert is equity, diversity, and inclusion director for La Clinica, advisor to the Seattle, Washington-based Cross Cultural Health Care Program, and former health equity advisor for Jackson Care Connect. Bryon also contributes his expertise to the health equity committee for the Oregon Health Authority and the National Association of Community Health Centers. He combines his expertise in communication education, radio broadcasting, and certification as a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to create and lead EDI curriculum. This curriculum aims to engage and inspire, offering an alternative approach that avoids blaming, shaming, or debating.


Stephanie Lyon photo

Stephanie Lyon

Stephanie is a professional certified coach with the International Coaching Federation who has provided career, relationship, and leadership coaching for more than 20 years. She also works for La Clinica as director of the Birch Grove Collaboration, a group of eight organizations providing health services to people with addiction and mental health conditions. She is passionate about increasing access to coaching and facilitation services for all people. Stephanie holds a bachelor's degree in psychology. She loves singing and playing guitar, crocheting, camping, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.



Meg Mitchell

Meg Mitchell is Learning Well coach for La Clinica and formerly worked as a leader in the federal government for 30 years in organizations ranging from 10 to 350 employees. While in Oregon, she served as a forest supervisor, a state liaison, and as an assistant director for civil rights for the U.S. Forest Service. A coach for more than 10 years, she enjoys partnering with others to pursue what inspires and fulfills them. She is certified by the International Coaching Federation.



Susan Muck

Susan Muck is a certified integral coach, spiritual director, and managing partner in Insight Leadership, a coaching, training and consulting business dedicated to personal and leadership transformation.

Susan has more than 25 years of experience in personal development and transformation coaching and training. Broadly recognized for her focus and intuition, Susan supports her clients in living more meaningful and balanced lives while understanding the core concepts of choice, the power of presence, and purposeful intention as ways to create lasting, positive change. With a focus on the bigger picture, Susan helps clients integrate their increased knowledge of self into the larger perspective of personal transformation and business results.

Lisa Norvell

Lisa Norvell

Lisa designs yoga workshops for those navigating loss and traumatic grief so they may attend to their body, mind, and spirit with mindful awareness. She is a facilitator for trauma-sensitive yoga and received her certification from the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at the Justice Resource Institute. Lisa has a bachelor's degree in interpersonal communications from the University of Southern California. She received her personal coach certification from New Ventures West and has taught yoga in schools and studios with at-risk teens and adults for the past 16 years. Her yoga offerings provide a compassionate lens to inhabit, befriend, and honor the body on a pathway toward healing. When facilitating trauma-sensitive yoga, Lisa meets people where they are, providing evidence-based exercises that involve paying attention to bodily sensations and experiences while inviting safety and symptom reduction for post-traumatic stress disorder and prolonged or repeated exposure to traumatic events.

Lisa also facilitates WinterSpring's traumatic loss and suicide loss groups, supporting grieving people.


Tricia Prendergast

Tricia Prendergast has been a teacher and lover of yoga for more than 40 years. She has developed a style that focuses on the body's needs, not for the sake of the pose. Her gentle and lighthearted approach ensures that all participants feel welcome and supported.


Dave Roast

Dave Roast is a personal growth and organizational development consultant who lives and works in Seattle. He completed our first facilitator training program in 2017 and has advanced training in coaching, management, neuro-linguistic programming, and emotional intelligence. He enjoys a variety of outdoor sports including biking, hiking, and skiing with his wife, Kim, and daughter, Kaia. David loves working with people who share his passion for laughter, personal growth, and contributing to vibrant, healthy, and diverse communities.


Ana Maria Salaverry

Certified community health worker Ana Maria Salaverry was born in Lima, Peru. She studied at Teresa Ocampo Culinary School, developing her cooking skills and learning to transform recipes into healthy meals for her family. She realized culinary arts were her passion and operated a cafeteria at her daughter’s school before moving to Oregon in 1997. She has proudly served her community since 2000 through a variety of roles at La Clinica. She is grateful for the opportunities and skills she has developed and excited to continue to grow and offer her services to the community.



Sofia sanchez

Sofia Sanchez was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico. She is a wellness coach, certified community health worker, and wellness class facilitator at La Clinica. Her purpose is to help others become their best self by strengthening their bodies and minds. She strives to teach others healthy lifestyle habits that align with how they want to feel. Sofia is a wife and mother of three and enjoys spending time with her family, camping, kayaking, finding new places to hike, and reading mystery and romance books.


Tom Shelstad photo

Tom Shelstad

Tom Shelstad is co-founder of Inner Guide Expeditions, an Ashland-based wilderness adventure program for teens and facilitator for The Learning Well’s True Colors program for teens. Tom has a rich background in leadership and education and significant experience in wilderness therapy, working with at-risk youth, mentoring teens, parent coaching, life coaching, and athletic coaching. Tom holds a bachelor’s degree in speech communications and international relations from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota and a master’s degree in experiential education from Mankato State University in Minnesota. When he is not facilitating or teaching, Tom spends his time playing on adventures and enriching his life by attending workshops for personal growth, backpacking or hiking with his dogs, skiing, mountaineering, traveling, or taking multi-week motorcycle rides, alone or with the best of friends. 

Anna Sherman

Anna Sherman

Anna Sherman is a wellness coach at La Clinica and The Learning Well. Anna believes in all people's inherent worth and dignity and approaches coaching and facilitation through a strength and resiliency-informed lens. She is a Liminal Space certified life transition guide, a Trauma Resource Institute Community Resiliency Model® teacher, a certified community health worker, and a licensed Zumba Gold instructor. Anna deeply values pursuing health equity, embodiment, and growth. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication. Time in nature, shared meals with her community, and creative expression brings Anna peace and joy.


Stefanie Tebo The Learning Well

Stefanie Tebo

Stefanie is a wellness coach, certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and wellness class facilitator at La Clinica. She is passionate about personal transformation and growth and supports others with curiosity, openness, and lightness. Her purpose is to help others become their best selves. She promotes purposeful intention, living in the present moment, having a sense of humor, and celebrating the innate joy and the light within. She can often be found smiling in nature, practicing yoga, being barefoot in the grass, or playing make-believe with her delightfully bright children. She loves laughter, travel, learning anything new, and being fully present.



Shelby Wanser

Shelby is a mental health counselor at the Community Counseling Center of Ashland. Since 2015, they've been part of The Learning Well and personal development workshops. Originally from Oregon, Shelby began their career as an animal trainer, holding a master's in animal behavior and human-animal interactions from Oregon State University. In 2021, they moved to southern Oregon for a master's in clinical mental health counseling at Southern Oregon University. Shelby is a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming and uses relational-cultural theory in their work. They're dedicated to making personal growth accessible to everyone and love traveling, dancing, and spending time with family, friends, and animals.


Laura Winslow

Laura Winslow is a certified yoga therapist who specializes in therapeutic yoga, mindfulness, and other mind-body practices for addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain. Her classes provide coping skills, relapse prevention tools, and practices for calming and energizing the mind and body. She is the co-author of the pain management curriculum Breaking Free of Chronic Pain and has worked with numerous southern Oregon organizations including Addictions Recovery Center, Genesis Recovery Center, Kolpia Counseling, Lithia Spring Program, OnTrack Rogue Valley, and the YMCA. She holds a bachelor's degree in international finance and ran a securities brokerage business for seven years.