Our Purpose

Welcome to the learning well

We are a learning community where everyone is welcome. We offer classes, workshops, and support groups that teach and support whole-person well-being. Our team believes all people have the ability within themselves to experience holistic wellness. We are here to supply tools, coaching, and support so you can create wellness in all parts of your life.

The Wellness Wheel

When you think about wellness, you may think about a visit to the doctor’s office to get medication or a check-up or test. We see the word much more broadly—we view wellness as a part of every part of us, from how our body works to whether our relationships are full to our professional success. We have identified seven key parts of wellness that together make up whole-person wellness. Each class, workshop, or support group at The Learning Well focuses on one or more of these areas. You can pick from online or in-person sessions to meet your total wellness goals.
Wellness Wheel_Baseline

Wellness for You

No matter who you are, this service is for you.
Are you burnt out and ready to build back resilience into your life? Looking for a life where you thrive and flourish? Seeking support for grief and loss? We believe total wellness is the destination of the journey we’re all on and that it can be a reality for every person.

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Here are some possible next steps
If you are not sure where to start on your wellness journey, take our quiz. It will guide you through questions to identify possible starting points.
If you’ve got questions about how the program works, see our frequently asked questions list or email us at thelearningwell@laclinicahealth.org.
If you’re ready to see what’s available right now, go to our classes, workshop, and support group calendar.

Wellness and the world

The Learning Well is a service of La Clinica, a nonprofit community health center group in southern Oregon. Organizations including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognize that traditional health care is just one of many factors contributing to a person’s health and well-being. Others include genetics, beliefs, and social factors such as environment, social ties, and education. La Clinica wants this work to support improved wellness in every part of life. It’s part of creating a model for a thriving and healthy community and culture.