Volunteer with us

We offer several kinds of opportunities to give back while learning more

We offer several opportunities for participants in our workshops to give back through volunteering. This is both a way to support our programs and a chance for you to deepen your own learning at no cost to you. Once you’ve done this training, your commitment can be as short as a single workshop or for as long as you’d like. Here are our volunteer opportunities:

Support Team Training

This one-day in-person training provides you with the background to serve as a workshop support team member, helping to create safe and supportive learning environments in our workshops. Being on a team is an extraordinary learning experience, one many find unique, connecting, and exciting. As part of the training, you’ll develop your listening and communication skills and will learn to support others in unlocking their potential. Sessions are held throughout the year. You must complete WellBeing or True Colors to serve on any support team. Specific requirements vary by workshop.

People who volunteer on support teams are eligible to receive workshop credit when they volunteer, and they can use that credit themselves or give it to someone else to use within a year of the original workshop. Volunteers earn $200 of credit for volunteering at a workshop of 1-4 days or $250 of credit for a workshop of 5-10 days in this voucher program. Contact thelearningwell@laclinicahealth.org or call 541-494-4796 for details.

Internship Leadership Training
Our internship training is a year-long commitment for workshop participants who are committed to building their self-awareness, mastering communication, and deepening relationships while having the time of their lives while in service at La Clinica. Once you complete training, you’ll join us in workshops, in training evenings, and in managing some of our behind-the-scenes workshop operations. It’s both a big commitment and a learning opportunity like few others. You must complete LifeWorks, the final of three workshops in the core growth series, before you qualify to be part of this program. The program offers about 400 hours of training over a year. College-level credit is possible in some cases. Please call us at the number below for details.

Structure of Presence Facilitator Training
This is a five-day course that prepares participants to be facilitators in our program after they complete several qualifying workshops. Please visit the Structure of Presence page for details.

Assist Team Training

Prerequisite: Must have completed WellBeing or True Colors
Schedule: 1 day. See our calendar for details.
Language: English
Format: Online
Cost: Free

To register or for details: Call 541-494-4796 or email thelearningwell@laclinicahealth.org.

Internship Leadership Training

Prerequisite: WellBeing, CrossOver, and LifeWorks
Schedule: Call for information
Language: English
Format: In person and online
Cost: Free for the program. Participants often share incidental travel costs.

To register or for details: Call 541-494-4796 or email thelearningwell@laclinicahealth.org.