February 16, 2022

Turning once more to renewal

This month marks the 5th anniversary of La Clinica’s purchase of Wings Seminars (Feb. 15, 2016 was the date of purchase). I’ve been awed and at times transformed by what we’ve accomplished over that time. Our move to La Clinica has brought us stability and created new access to our work by removing financial barriers. Everything we’ve built so far rests on a solid foundation of clear vision, open hearts, and a dedication to the legacy and integrity of what Kris King developed and passed on to La Clinica in 2016.

I interviewed Kris last month, talking with her about changes we are implementing this year and are about to share with you. Kris has navigated many changes in the years I’ve known her, and I asked if she’d share what she’s learned about change. With clarity she reminded me that “change is what we make it.” Yes. I was also curious about her life now in retirement. It is always a gift to spend time with her, and we’re planning to bring you the full video of our chat soon.

The big changes we’ve navigated since 2016: Changing the name of PES to WellBeing, moving our home to the Center for Learning and Innovation in Medford, and recently creating an online platform. We found out that our skills for creating dynamic learning experiences translated to Zoom rooms. Truly, no one was more amazed than me! Over the past 2 years, we’ve added 6 online workshops, including some we will continue to offer beyond the pandemic.

So, about change. Now it is time to turn once more to our future. Our vision includes expanding our work with more programs to support participants, extending financial discounts, broadening our reach, and getting upstream on the causes of whole-person well-being, while continually elevating the quality of personal work that we’re known for. We have a new opportunity to incorporate additional wellness classes and workforce development training that La Clinica has been known for, bringing them into one shared program with Wings—now called The Learning Well.  This combination of services is important for our next 5 years as we integrate the concepts of whole-person well-being more fully. 

Over the coming months you’ll see a new website go up and new branding emerge. We’re also dropping the use of the word seminar during this transition and replacing it with workshop. (So far, I’m batting about 1 out of 5! Believe me, it’s a process!) While this change seems huge on our end with all the rebranding of content, rewriting registration letters, etc., in the end we think our curriculum will look very much the same to you as it does now.

I talked about these changes in a call with many grads on Feb. 3, and we received a lot of positive feedback. We want to hear from you as well. Throughout this process, you can direct emails about our changes (or any other questions) to or call us at 541-494-4796.

Our in-person seminars are returning in May. I am looking forward to celebrating this return with you and hope to see you soon.

xo – Sherrie

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