March 23, 2022

The Learning Well: our next steps

By Sherrie Frank

Dear friends,

As I write to you, it is the Spring Equinox—the day the light and the dark hold equal measure. Over the next few weeks, we will leave the dark stillness of winter and greet the riotous energy of spring. No matter what’s happening in our lives or in the world, this seasonal procession reminds us change is an important component for growth and renewal. It’s time to sow our soulful intentions. Yes.

It’s also a good time for births, and if you’ve been following our newsletter, you already know that’s about to happen with us, as Wings is reborn as part of a new service called The Learning Well. I hope you’re as curious and excited to follow our story as I am to share it. I have our new logo to share this month and the story behind the creation of our new name. I am also anticipating some of the questions you may have about the change and providing answers below. If you have more questions after reading the newsletter, please send us an email and let us know.

How did we decide on the new name?

Our planning team met with consultants and went through a naming process with them. You can imagine how much fun it was for us, especially when you consider we’re Wings grads and do love a good process! We were asked to speak about our experience of the program and identified attributes we associated with it. Some of these included:

  • Credible
  • Empowering
  • Inclusive
  • Engaging
  • Supportive
  • Accepting
  • Service-based
  • Renewing
  • Community
  • Inspired

In recommending a name for the program, the consultants considered many words related to learning and many related to a course or path. The final name incorporates “learning” and “well,” a word with multiple definitions: It is an abundant source, a word used in connection with optimal health, and a description people use in good times (I feel well).

How will the move to The Learning Well look?

It is amazing the Wings logo is 36 years old. Founder Kris King designed it in part to honor her dad’s years as a pilot for Pan Am Airlines. The swoosh coming out of the box was modeled after a plane fuselage. I want to honor Kris’s design abilities—not many logos can last that long without an update! Sometime in April, we will stop using the name Wings Seminars and begin using the name, logo, and website of The Learning Well. Take a look at our new logo!

What will happen to the Wings website, and how will I contact Wings?

Once the new website is live, we’ll put a message on the Wings website directing visitors there. The new site will include details about all our workshops.

You can start using The Learning Well’s new contact information right now. Call 541-494-4796 or email If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll receive this monthly newsletter as you do now, and it will include a broader approach to wellness that I think you’ll like. My blog, Root + Flow, will continue. On social media, we’ll add the new name to our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. We are keeping the Wings Global Facebook page for now.

Is La Clinica dropping the name Wings Seminars completely?

We are considering using Wings to identify the core series. WellBeing, CrossOver, and LifeWorks would be called the Wings Core Growth Series when spoken of collectively. They are the foundations of this work and built together as a progressive model. We are stopping the use of the word “seminar” when referring to our program. We are now calling them workshops, classes, trainings, or retreats based on length, type, and location.

How do I register for workshops?

You may notice we have removed online registration from our website and are asking people to call or email with their interest in workshops. This is a temporary change as we research new software that meets stricter privacy standards. We will add online registration to the new website as soon as we’ve got that in place. We know this creates extra effort for registration, and we are working quickly to complete this upgrade.

Will the Wings staff change?

Staff devoted to this work will grow. I am remaining in my role, Program Manager Salem Workman is taking on an expanded role, and Meg Mitchell, who has been involved in Wings for a long time, has joined La Clinica’s staff as a coach for this work. The Learning Well has a new officer, Margie McNabb. She is an amazing human, and I feel grateful to have her years of experience and leadership guiding our program. I think we are in good hands, my friends, and plan to introduce Margie to you in an upcoming newsletter.

How can I support this change?

It is not possible to grow without our volunteers and your engagement. While La Clinica provides a strong structure, it has always been our grads who have breathed life into the heart of this work. You’re necessary to our success and important in the lives of those yet to experience this transformative work.

I want to convey the time, thought, and care that has gone into each change we’re making. Our “Why?” is simple: to continue to meet and support people where they are and help them create greater well-being and fulfillment in their lives. I hope you’ll join us!

With love and appreciation,

xo Sherrie

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      Thank you Meisha for checking in and offering your words of support. I feel your deep love of this work and how much Wings means to you. Best wishes always. – Sherrie

  1. Sherrie:
    Is your business now located in Medford? If yes, I was wondering why your chose that city? Other than that, I wish you the very best with your The Learning Well, wherever it is. Wings, and now The Learning Well (love that) can be a truly life changing experience. Thank you for taking up this challenge, I know you will be successful.
    Many blessings to you and your team.

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      Thank you David for your good wishes. To answer your question about our move, in 2016 Kris King made the decision to sell Wings to a non-profit healthcare organization called La Clinica. You can check out the organization online. They do amazing work in the world and Kris felt it was a wonderful place for Wings to continue to grow. We have a beautiful building to work from and the Medford/Ashland are great places to visit as well. Medford also has a commercial airport, similar to Eugene, for people to fly into. It is good to hear from you! Wishing you all the best, Sherrie

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