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Recurring Event Weight Loss Group

Weight Loss Group


Reach and stay at a healthy weight with our weekly Weight Loss Group. Wellness Center Family Physician Justin Adams leads this weight loss class, limited to participants with a La Clinica healthcare provider. Every four weeks, the group covers planning, healthy eating, movement, and relaxation and stress management. See more about this online group. Register here. VIEW FULL DETAILS  

Recurring Event Seasons of Grief

Seasons of Grief

Center for Learning and Innovation 931 Chevy Way, Medford, OR

This group offers support and understanding for people struggling with grief around the holidays. Groups are led by a facilitator and are an opportunity for participants to learn from each other.


Recurring Event Mindfulness – English

Mindfulness – English


Learn to cope with anxiety, chronic pain, and stress in our relaxing online Mindfulness course. Participants learn and practice focus on awareness of senses and feelings in the moment, without judgment. Our mindfulness course uses breath, guided imagery, and other tools to create relaxation and help reduce stress. This class is free and open to all. Classes are offered in ...

Recurring Event Gentle Stretching

Gentle Stretching

La Clinica Wellness Center 730 Biddle Road, Medford, OR

In our Gentle Stretching class, explore a low-impact system for mind-body wellness that includes a variety of postures and breathing techniques. Moving in complete coordination with your breath, the teacher will guide you through a series of gentle stretching and twisting poses that promote strength, flexibility, balance, stress relief, mental clarity, and relaxation. This gentle stretching class offers tools for ...

$2 – $10

Embracing Wholeness

This two-day online workshop offers you an introduction to the elements of a balanced life: how to live life authentically, connected to your values and sense of purpose. Everyone experiences moments of self-doubt. We do things we don’t want to do. We become reactive or behave in ways that aren’t true to ourselves. When we have too many of these ...

$70.00 – $250.00
Recurring Event Mindfulness – Spanish

Mindfulness – Spanish


Aprenda a sobrellevar la ansiedad, el dolor crónico y el estrés en nuestro relajante curso en línea de Mindfulness (atención plena). Los participantes aprenden y practican el conocimiento de sus sentidos y sentimientos en el momento, y sin juzgar. Nuestro curso de atención plena utiliza la respiración, imágenes guiadas y otras herramientas para crear relajación y ayudar a reducir el ...

Recurring Event Children’s Program

Children’s Program

Center for Learning and Innovation 931 Chevy Way, Medford, OR

The WinterSpring Children’s Program offers support and education to children ages 6-12 and their adults. Children meet bi-weekly with our experienced team of companions to learn about the grieving process and share their grief with their peers. They will memorialize their loved ones and learn skills that will help them help themselves and others throughout their lives. Adults have the ...


Assist Team Training


This one-day online training provides you with the background to serve as a workshop assist team member, helping to create safe and supportive learning environments in our workshops. As part of the training, you’ll develop your listening and communication skills and will learn to assist others in unlocking their potential. You must complete WellBeing or True Colors to serve on ...



Center for Learning and Innovation 931 Chevy Way, Medford, OR

Making real, effective changes in your life takes more than dreaming. True growth and development require proven tools and techniques to inspire new directions and confident decisions. When you attend our WellBeing workshop, you will: gain clarity and effectiveness and learn to trust yourself in all you do. Schedule by day: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 5 9 ...

$140 – $595

Tools for WorkLife Success


The Tools for WorkLife Success online workshop is designed to guide you in making your work enjoyable, engaging, and successful. In this career development workshop, you will learn and practice ways to: build resilience and avoid burnout; communicate effectively; be an accountable and supportive team member; be an effective peer coach; and communicate with integrity, ownership, and clarity. Facilitator: Sherrie Frank ...

$35 – $125
Recurring Event Breaking free of Chronic Pain

Breaking Free of Chronic Pain


Join Breaking Free of Chronic Pain, our six-week pain management class. You will gain tools to help retrain your nervous system, find control over your mood, move more freely, and improve your quality of life. Each session includes breathing exercises, healthy movement, guided relaxation, mindfulness, and education to help you learn how to deal with chronic pain. Fee is $12 ...

$12.00 – $60.00

Listening Heart

Center for Learning and Innovation 931 Chevy Way, Medford, OR

Anyone can fall in love. Living in love happens when you make loving choices moment to moment and day to day. Listening Heart teaches you and your partner, who also participates, to consistently choose to love and be loved. You’ll practice speaking clearly and honestly and listening with an open heart. You’ll learn to be honest and clear with yourself ...

$140 – $850
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