Sugar Knock Out

Join others and an instructor to knock out sugar in this 5-week program

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Sugar Knock Out


Improve your sleep, boost your immune system, and gain energy while losing body fat in this 5-week program. In this supportive group, you will learn about nutrition, how to love real food, and join a 21-day sugar detox program – an empowering combination.

You will receive guides for each week, support emails from your instructor, demonstrations, meal plans, recipes for success, and group support. 

Here’s what the group covers during the five weeks:  

  • Week 1: How to prepare for the 21-day sugar knock out
  • Week 2: Sugar, carbs, and breakfast
  • Week 3: Your digestive check-in and lunch strategies
  • Week 4: The truth about fats
  • Week 5: How to keep going and celebrate your success
Sugar Knock Out Group Details

Schedule: Weekly 75-minute sessions.
Language: English
Format: In person at La Clinica Wellness Center
Cost: Free

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Sugar Knock Out
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