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Take a full dive into the wellness wheel in our LifeWorks workshop, where we explore every part of wellness and supply you with the tools to move forward confidently in life.
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In LifeWorks, you hone the tools for an extraordinary life over three months. With the support of fellow participants, you build a community focused on lifelong success by your own definition. Have you ever wondered, “what is my purpose in life?” Have you longed to know how to live a meaningful life? In LifeWorks, you will find your purpose and vision, then put them into action. You take all you’ve learned in our series of personal growth seminars and apply it to what matters most to you.

Many people surprise themselves by discovering dreams they didn’t know they had. Participants have been known to begin new careers, write books, take a stand, go back to school, tap into their creativity, renew lost friendships, claim more quiet time, meditate, grow spiritually, fall even more deeply in love with family and friends, and experience renewed focus, clarity, meaning, and purpose. The possibilities are endless.

In 10 days—three weekends over three months—your learning group will provide support for recognizing, forming, practicing, and incorporating the skills to make your life fulfilling, rewarding, inspiring, and exciting. When you commit to LifeWorks, you step into life at a whole new level. What could you do with an opportunity like this?

Lifeworks Details

Prerequisite: CrossOver, workshop 2
Schedule: 10 days over three months. See our calendar.
Language: English
Format: In person
Cost: $350 to $1,695, depending on income. Learn about payment options.

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