Grace and Gratitude

Explore how gratefulness can transform your thinking and improve your health

Classes, groups, and workshops in mind, relationship, heart, and spirit wellness focus on how well we understand ourselves, how we relate to those around us, our awareness of our emotions and feelings, and our sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.
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Grace and Gratitude


A moment of grace is a moment in which an amazing, incredible thing happens for us, without effort on our part. It comes without planning or goal setting, without having to be perfect or good enough.

Our Grace and Gratitude workshop explores these experiences and how bringing attention to them encourages us to feel and express gratitude. Learn ways to transform thoughts and behaviors that drain energy, increase anxiety, and create feelings of isolation and mistrust. Strengthen your self-awareness and practice tools you can use to regulate your emotions through a focus on gratitude.

How important is this in life? Researchers say that regularly giving thanks can make us happier.

You’ll leave this workshop with an understanding of tools to create resiliency and lifelong health and well-being. You will learn and practice ways to:

  • Cultivate daily mindfulness
  • Build resiliency and your capacity for joy
  • Be aware of your attention and how to direct it to create greater happiness and well-being
  • Practice empathy and self-compassion
  • Create a healthy and positive “inner landscape” based in love and respect
Grace and Gratitude Details

Schedule: 1.5 days. See our calendar.
Language: English
Format: In person
Cost: $35 to $125, depending on income. Learn about payment options.

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Grace and Gratitude

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