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Take a full dive into the wellness wheel in our CrossOver workshop, where we explore every part of wellness and supply you with the tools to move forward confidently in life.
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CrossOver goes deep to the center of who you are, where the things that really matter live. In CrossOver you focus on you: your beliefs about yourself, your relationship with yourself, your true self. You learn to listen to the wisdom that lives at your core in a way that breathes clarity into each moment, each choice. In CrossOver you realize that your experience—what you feel, think and want—is all about you. The freedom that comes with this realization is: “If I don’t like it, I can change it.”

Your relationship with yourself affects every part of your life, including relationships, health, professional success, spiritual well-being, parenting, and the ability to enjoy each day. CrossOver is about learning to live the life of integrity, meaning, and fulfillment that we all long for. You learn how to transform limitations into possibilities.

You will experience:

  • The freedom that comes from honesty with yourself and others
  • The learning that comes from trying on and practicing new thinking and behaviors
  • Confidence from challenging yourself and succeeding
  • Insights about the mind-body connection
  • The peace that comes from handling difficult situations with honesty and integrity
  • The energy and enthusiasm of acknowledging and following your own path
Crossover Details

Prerequisite: WellBeing
Schedule: 5 days. See our calendar.
Language: English
Format: In person
Cost: $175 to $995, depending on income. Learn about payment options.

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