Calling the Circle

Join us for a weekend dedicated to self-awareness and self-compassion

Classes, groups, and workshops in mind, relationship, heart, and spirit wellness focus on how well we understand ourselves, how we relate to those around us, our awareness of our emotions and feelings, and our sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.
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Calling the Circle


Join this intimate circle of trust for a women’s weekend of power, peace, and balance. Give yourself time focused on building your self-awareness and self-compassion in a supportive group of other women.

In Calling the Circle, you’ll bring awareness to your ability to:

  • Nurture and support yourself and your dreams
  • Be intuitive
  • Create
  • Embody the sensuous
  • Respond with empathy

Explore your past, present, and future with fresh eyes and embrace your unique and compelling power. This women’s retreat in Medford, Oregon, is for anyone identifying as female.

Calling the Circle

Schedule: All day Saturday and Sunday. See our calendar.
Language: English
Format: Online
Cost: $70 to $250 depending on income. Learn about payment options.

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Calling the Circle
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